Remodeling Adobe House

Adobe is a house style that popular in the tropic and sub tropic area. The walls are made from sand and clay mixture that shaped into bricks then dried under the sun. Due to its organic materials, the walls in an adobe house acts like a natural temperature control. Therefore, in this remodeling result, you wouldn’t see any air conditioner, not even a fan. The design is wide open that allow maximum amount of sunlight and wind to pass through.

remodeling adobe house 03

You can see all the way to the back from the entrance. One of the perks of adobe house is that it has more open space and the rooms are connected like in ant house.

remodeling adobe house 05

The living and dining room are connected into one main area and there are doors that lead directly to the small garden inside.

remodeling adobe house 04

A small garden in the middle of the house soften the dry and rigid atmosphere from the house.

remodeling adobe house 15

A small outside living room with fireplace ended one side of this house.

remodeling adobe house 10

Of course this pool wasn’t in the original design. But the size and placing fits perfectly with the whole house atmosphere.

remodeling adobe house 12

This is how the house look taken from the pool. The whole house designed like a horse shoe or an inverted U, with the pool at the bottom.

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