20 Classy Tuscan Living Room Designs

For long time, Tuscany has been known for their artistic living room décor. The house that employs Tuscan living room designs will definitely have the combination of early renaissance era and the warm Italian house.

tuscan living room designs with small fireplace

A great Tuscany living room is characterized with the warm color of the walls. This selection is known as the Tuscan wall, whether wallpaper, wall decals, or wall paint. Another character of Tuscany living room is the fireplace. It has cream or brown stones. It is completed with wooden fireplace mantel.

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Tuscany living room has unique ceiling. The flat ceiling is supported with stand out wood beam. The ceiling is in white or cream, while the wood beam is stained in its original or darker wooden color. More often, the Tuscany living room has furniture in similar color with the wall. It is done to strengthen the Tuscany ambience. The furniture is crafted from the best wood. To vary the design, people can use the darker stain colors.

tuscan living room designs 18

People can combine the classic style of the Tuscan living room designs with the modern style. It can be shown from the design of the fireplace and the choice of lighting installations. In choosing sofa or chairs, people have the chance to opt for brighter or darker color, such as blue, green, or red. It will create unique feel to the living room.

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