20 Great Swimming Pools for Small Spaces Design Ideas

If you have a small backyard but still want to build a swimming pool on it, you do not have to worry because all you have to do is be clever in designing the swimming pool so that it will look suitable in your small backyard. Below are some swimming pools for small spaces ideas for you

geometric inground swimming pools for small spaces

Above the ground swimming pool is definitely good for small backyard. With an above the ground swimming pool, the ground part of the pool near the stair to get on to the pool can be used as a seating area. You can a small patio there so that you can sit there while watching your kids swimming on the pool.

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Because of the small space, rectangle shape is probably more efficient because it do not have to be placed in the middle of the backyard. You can build a rectangular swimming pool just in the corner of the backyard so that the rest space of the backyard can be used for anything else.

round swimming pools for small spaces with wooden deck

A Jacuzzi styled swimming pool can be an option for your small backyard as well. It will not take a lot of space because it is basically just a small round pool. It is probably not suitable for swimming but for relaxing in hot water, this is probably the best.

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