17 Streamlined Modern Glass Shower Designs

Modern glass door for your shower have become popular. Mostly because of it’s simple, and it suits the room, no matter what theme it is. You can have a traditional or more rustic bathroom and your modern glass door will fit like a glove there.

Shower area doesn’t take much space. You can have a small box in one corner and install your shower there. Or you can incorporate your shower with your tub, this is what most people do. Especially when they have small bathroom.

Textured Glass Door

textured modern glass shower on marble walls

You can ask to have your door custom made. By adding a texture or emboss of your name or initial, or anything else that you prefer. This is one of the simplest idea on how to personalize your bathroom, without cluttering it.

Tub with a Skylight

modern glass shower with inground bathup and skylight

For smaller bathrooms like this. You can put the shower head above your tub, and use a modern clear door like this as a partition.

Contemporary All The Way

modern glass shower clear

A small space well used. This shower space is enough for one person. With modern shower head, and simple aluminum lined door. It’s a clean and modern design, and definitely suits more for current urban living.

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Gallery for Modern Glass Shower Designs

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