Adorable Air Plant Terrarium Ideas

Air plants terrarium ideas are very great for your house’s decoration especially if you love plants and garden. Plants are always great for decoration but it needs high maintenance. You have to water it every day and so on.

two jars air plant terrarium ideas

If you love plants, but too busy to take care of the plants, use the air plant terrarium. You do not have to do anything to take care of the plants because it does not even use soil. Below are some of air plant terrarium ideas.

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The first idea is using a mason jar as the container for the plants. You do not even need to buy a new container, just use any clear jars you have at home. Fill it with white reindeer moss and then plant some aeranthos air plants it in. Arrange it neatly and then place it on your desk or on the floating shelf in your living room as a decoration.

hanging air plant terrarium ideas for front porch

The second idea is using pear shaped terrarium. The pear shape is very unique and it can be placed on the table or it can be hung as well. The unique pear shaped terrarium kit is compatible to be filled by green reindeer moss, butzii air plant, and some small white rocks. For decoration, place one or two natural sea shells inside the pear shaped terrarium. The air plant terrarium ideas will be great for making your house even more natural and refreshing.

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