19 Futuristic House Plans That Are Actually Mind Blowing

Modern house design seems to be so yesterday. People are already moving forward and have a vision far into the future. The design have become more and more creative. Flat roof and box shaped buildings, wide window walls, just to name a few pointers.

Some of these plans might come as outrageous to some people. But they show vision that this is how the houses will look like in the future. Of course, opinion may differ.

Curvy House

curvacious futuristic house plans

Unlike the conventional houses, modern and futuristic ones tend to play around with texture and geometric shape. Like having a triangle house, or placed them together like a real life lego house. This house is a good example. It looks like a small Y, and softened the edges by making it curvaceous. The details

Stacked Facade

futuristic house plans with unique facade

This house can be the solution for you who wants the original house behind. Creating a layered facade doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do an all out renovation.

Stacked Concrete

lego like futuristic house plans

Stacked or layered is one of the most popular style when it comes to futuristic house plan. When modern houses are still playing it safe, by keeping the box shaped building side by side. Futuristic pushes the boundaries and have more aesthetic value.

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Gallery for Futuristic House Plans

  1. Tjese houses are beautiful ,magnificent in looking
    However , some have no image of a house to our common structures
    Some look like space shuttles

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