18 Astounding Red Wall Accent in Living Room Ideas

Having a red wall accent is a great idea to liven up your living room. It’s a great and also cheap way to decorate living room without having so many decoration. There are various shades of red, as each and any one of them are suitable for any color combination. White, black, yellow, and you can also play around with the lighting to tone down the red or maybe even change it to more orange hue.

The red wall accent doesn’t necessarily mean you have to paint the whole wall. You can also have fun with mural in red or some art deco inspired picture in red.

Contemporary with Red Rug

red wall accent with red rug

As you can see, the red wall accent works great with cool color tone like grey. The wooden floor and red rug adds extra accent as well.

Contemporary and Colorful

bright and contemporary red wall accent

Without the red wall, this contemporary living room will just be a room with various contemporary furniture. The whiteness can overwhelm the yellow mustard sofa. That’s where the red wall accent comes through. To balance the colors out.

Retro Asian Inspired

Asian inspired red wall accent

The red curtain and other red furniture like the hanging lamp and chair sure are optional. But you get the idea. How the red wall could work with various decorating style.

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Gallery for Living Rooms with Red Wall Accent

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