Minimalist Hideaway Desk Designs

Hideaways desk designs are just needed by everyone who lives in a small place. Hideaway desk is basically a camouflage desk that than be folded and transformed into any other furniture when you do not need the bed. It will be such as space saver and it is really unique. Below are some hideaway desk designs.

simple hideaway desk designs

The first idea is a book shelf hideaway desk. At first, it will look like a normal book shelf with acrylic cover. When the acrylic cover is pulled back, it will form a desk and the transparent desk can be used to write, read, and even to do your job using the laptop.

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The second idea is a disappearing desk. When you do not need the desk, you can simply push it back inside the wall and close the door. It is just like a classic ironing mats but it is not for ironing, it can be used for anything.

contemporary hideaway desk designs for narrow space

The third idea is a floating shelf hideaway desk. When the floating shelf is pulled back, there will be an extension board coming from it. The board can be used as a desk for any usage. The hideaway desk designs can save more space in your tiny place. It will be efficient and simply outstanding.

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