Space Saving Convertible Bed Designs for Small Houses

Convertible bed designs are exactly needed by people who live in small space. The convertible bed is very multifunctional indeed because it can be converted into different furniture and it will save more space in the small house. Most of the convertible bed designs can be converted into sofa or couch. Below are some convertible bed designs.

convertible bed designs in whiteThe first idea is the shelf convertible bed (Murphy bed). In this idea, the queen sized bed is planted inside a shelf and it can opens horizontally and change into a bed. This furniture is definitely space saving. The bed will have two shelves above it and have the same length with the bed. The shelf can be filled with any decoration you want and when you are sleepy, simply open the shelf and get the bed down.

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The second idea is the couch convertible bed. During the day, the bed is hidden under the couch and the couch can be used to sit down and host the guests. During the night, simply pull the couch and the couch is suddenly changed into a fluffy bed where you can sleep convertible bed designs in orange

Convertible bed is such as space saving furniture that you can use to make your house even more spacious despite of the small size. Choose the best convertible bed designs and you will save more space in your house.

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Gallery for Convertible Bed Designs

  1. Edward Winston

    Gotta say these convertible bed designs are so amazing, man! All the designs are so beautiful and fit with modern house. Also each design go perfectly with the wall color. Thank you for taking your time to collected these designs, this help me a lot cause i’m planning to buy one for my small apartment. Great post man, keep it up 🙂

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