Minimalist Modern Sliding Glass Door Designs

Modern sliding glass door designs are just perfect for sophisticated people who want to design their houses with modern decoration. Sliding door is not only unique and anti mainstream, it can also save a lot of spaces because when the door is opened, there will be no room wasted for the door opening. Sliding doors nowadays can also be made out of glass, it is usually used in a patio. Below are some examples of modern sliding glass door designs.

modern sliding glass door designs that connect the dining room to the balcony

The first idea is the Japanese sliding doors. In the traditional Japanese houses, all the doors are sliding door. However, they are not made of glass but mostly of vinyl or other cloths. In Japanese sliding door, the pattern is usually square pattern. We can take this square pattern and use it in sliding door made of glass.

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The second one is the disappearing sliding glass door. In this idea, there will be a place inside the wall to “hide” the door when they are pushed open. The place inside the wall will make the sliding glass door completely disappear when they were opened.

wide modern sliding glass door designs for bedrooms

Do not forget in using modern sliding glass door designs, do not expect privacy from it. The glass is transparent and that is why it is better to be used in patio or gazebo.

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