17 Inviting Mediterranean Kitchen Designs and Decorating Ideas

We almost always see the Mediterranean in the living room or in bedroom. But what about the kitchen? Often the kitchen is either overlooked or left behind. We forgot that the kitchen is the true heart of a family.

Anyhow, Mediterranean for kitchen scheme isn’t that hard to achieve. Basic principle is the same with the living room. Use many warm earthen tones, with some splashes of sea and sun colors. Also, it’ll be great if you have some wrought iron or marble texture in the kitchen to complement the whole Mediterranean theme.

Wrought Iron Chandelier

warm with tall ceiling mediterranean kitchen designs

It checks out everything in the Mediterranean checklist. Warm earthy color, marble tone, stone panel, even the wrought iron item. It’s simply perfect.

For Small Kitchen

bright colored small mediterranean kitchen designs

Small kitchen should get some love too! Have a pair of bright colored chairs and get a bolder color for your cabinet. Despite of the size, the small hanging lamp and the bright pavement also make the room lively. Just like a Mediterranean beach house.

Cool Olive and Grey

mediterranean kitchen designs in olive and gray

You might wonder how something with cool grey tone like this counts as Mediterranean. Well, take a close look on the tile pattern, and then the floor. It’s subtle, and interpreted differently. But it’s still a Mediterranean kitchen.

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Gallery for Mediterranean Kitchen Designs

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