17 Inviting and Chic Wood Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Having wood for bathroom can be done in various ways. You can have this natural element for the floor or wall panel. Or maybe the vanity shelf. Some people even take it to another level by have everything in their bathroom made from wood or exposing its texture.

Wood is versatile and can give the bathroom a different touch. If renovating is out of question for you, don’t worry, there are so many other bathroom items that celebrate woods. Shower set consists of the glass, soap place, and many more. Just a small example.

Two Toned Wood

rustic wood bathroom

When most people prefer two toned wood in dark and natural color. This homeowner prefer ash and natural. For the wall, he installed ash colored wood that still have the texture, and for the floor the natural one.

Wood Vanity

wood bathroom with rattan bowl

This is a close up look on vanity shelf made that completely covered in wood panel. Including the faucet. If this is too extreme for your taste. Then get a classic wood vanity shelf, or pick the sink with wood texture coating.

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For Small Bathroom

wood bathroom with in ground tub

Having large wood panel in a small bathroom is doable. Make sure all floor is covered into one seamless look. This will make your bathroom appears wider or longer, depending on how you placed the panels.

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