Cutting Edge Acrylic Coffee Tables Designs

Acrylic coffee tables are very good to be used in your living room. The transparent and elegant shape of the coffee tables can make the living room seems even more beautiful. Acrylic can give us transparent view but it is not glass so it is not as strong as glass table. Below is the information that you need to know to maintain your acrylic coffee tables.

unique acrylic coffee tables with magazine shelf

First, clean the surface of the table entirely using water and damp cloth only. You do not need any chemical at all because it will destroy the surface of the coffee table. Do not use chemical products such as ketones, window cleaners, gasoline, thinner, acetone and so on. Using those products will cause your coffee table to be cloudy and not transparent anymore. Dunk the cloth on the water occasionally and wipe the wet cloth to the surface of the table.

simple boxed acrylic coffee tables

Second, if you find there is a scratch on the surface of the coffee table, do not try to remove the scratch by rubbing anything hard on it. Just use your car wax and apply to the scratch until the scratch fades away. Apply the car wax using a soft cloth and carefully use it to remove the scratch on your acrylic coffee tables.

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