18 Equable Oriental Garden Designs Landscaping Ideas

Oriental garden is still hot in the market. And from the look of it, this style and design will stay in the picture for more years to come. It combines beauty and utility with no space wasted.

Oriental garden works no matter how small or big space you have for your garden. It also works to suit your need more. Whether you want a modern and minimalist garden, or maybe a lush one with many plants and shrubs.

Minimalist Side Yard Garden

oriental garden design for side yard with wood pathway

This oriental garden emphasizes on the rock garden with the wooden patio. You can hold a barbecue party here or just to hang out in the afternoon. It may not full with plants, but the surrounding already provide enough tall trees.

Traditional with Small Bridge

oriental garden design with a bridge

A small bridge is one of the popular decoration for oriental garden. With the wood garden lamp. The bridge works even though there may not be a koi fish pond underneath it.

Minimalist and Modern

minimalist contemporary oriental garden design

The homeowner takes the term minimalist modern to another level. His oriental garden is not gathered in one place, but he spread it all around the back yard. Occupying small spaces here and there. The pavement creates an illusion of being in a zen sand garden.

Gallery for Oriental Garden Design Landscaping Ideas


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