20 Minimalists Modern Asian Bedroom Decor Ideas

Since long time ago, Asia is admired for its rich culture. From Morocco, China, Japanese, Indian, up to Balinese. Each culture has their unique characteristics in house interior. If you are currently looking for something different for your bedroom, you have to select the Asian style. There are various modern Asian bedroom styles that can be employed.

modern asian bedroom with four posts bed and rustic closet

Refer to Chinese bedroom interior if you want red as the main color of the bedroom. To do this, use red beddings and cushions. Decorate the wall with bamboo painting or red decals. Use red lampions in different sizes to strengthen the Chinese culture.

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You can combine the modern king size bed with the Japanese bedroom style. Decorate the room with artificial bamboos on a vase. Use wooden flooring and paper wall barrier to strengthen the Japanese feel. Place colorful cushions on the bed to create Moroccan bedroom style. Decorate the room with artistic wall decals.

modern asian bedroom with red walls and asian door design

Mix your modern bedroom with Asian decorations. It can be Indian sculptures, Asian animal prints on the cushions or beddings, paintings, or lighting. You can also use curtain on the bed. It strengthens the modern Asian bedroom style too. If you want to do this, you have to choose the wooden bed frame.

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