17 Fantastic Terraced Flower Garden Ideas

Terraced flower garden is a great way to add some colors to your landscape. It can be done with rock, concrete, or simply by lining up the flower pots.

Terraced garden also easy to maintain and work well regardless of the space you have. You can have terrace garden on rooftop or front backyard. You can also mix the terrace flower garden with some zen ideas like using black sand or keeping the distance between plants.

Bright and Colorful

colorful terraced flower garden

Only lined with white bricks, not too tall either. Just enough to exploit the colors of the flowers. They brighten up the front porch. Very great to greet your guests or anyone who passed by.

On the Pots

terraced flower garden with pots

Unlike the previous picture, this time the terrace is lined with plant pots in various sizes. The only similarity they have is shape, which is great cause the point of attention is on the flower plants, not the pots. Also, similar shape means it’ll be easier for you to arrange them.

For Your Side Yard

front yard terraced flower garden

More minimalist and rustic with wood to line the tiers. Not only great for your yards, you can also apply the idea for smaller space under your window or sun room.

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