19 Modern Pergola Kit Designs For Your Outdoor Shade

Pergola Kit has become a new option instead of building a gazebo or maybe a small guest house. It’s versatile and can be attached to the house, making pergola more and more popular lately.

Having a pergola doesn’t need a large space. You can have it on your back yard, or maybe as a separate building somewhere near the pool. It’s also great for sitting area by the pool.

Modern Design on Roof

modern pergola kit

Yes, you can have pergola on the roof as well. There’s no boundaries in where you can and should build your pergola. Just like this one. Probably since the homeowner cannot have a yard, they created their own space to enjoy the sun.

Pergola on the Front Door

two toned modern pergola kit

Having a pergola for your front door or car ramp is also okay. Perhaps you have visually pictured it before you actually seen one. Well, here it is. It’s great to give the illusion that you have a lot of space for your front yard.

Simply Attached

attached to the house modern pergola kit

A pergola at the back of the house where you can have some friends coming over to talk or have a barbecue. Great idea, no? Again, it doesn’t matter if your space is just enough for some plastic chairs and you have to put your burner outside the pergola.

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Gallery for Modern Pergola Kit Designs

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