18 Unique Sleeper Sofa Designs For Your Home

Who doesn’t love sleeper bed? It’s multifunctional. And you can always host a party or invite friends over without worrying about extra room. The comfort of a sleeper bed might come in second. But it’s not the reason for not having one.

Most people who own sleeper bed are those with small apartments or saving on the furniture. While it’s not wrong, but sleeper bed itself can be a good furniture investment. You just not know it now.

Modern Sleeper Bed in Green

unique sleeper sofa in lime green

The shock of lime green may be not for everyone. But you can’t deny the look of comfort its suggesting. While it’s just like two single size beds that mashed into one. But it sure looks comfortable enough.

Cozy in Black Vinyl

unique sleeper sofa in black vinyl

Vinyl may come as a cheap leather. But it doesn’t stop any furniture with vinyl upholstery to be less versatile nor elegant. This black sleeper bed is a good example of one.

Elegant and Unique

elegant unique sleeper sofa

Have I told you that it’s also versatile? Like in this one. Despite the X design on legs, the sleeper bed can be separated into two chairs, and when you want to stretch your leg while watch TV or for some romantic time with your love on. This one can come in handy.

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