18 Maroon Living Room Furniture and Interior Design Ideas

The color maroon for a living room might be a bit unusual. The color itself is a shade of red that mixed with blue, creating a unique grape-like color. However, this color is popular on Bohemian and Moroccan design. You must have seen it a lot in their pouf and rug.

Wanting a maroon living room doesn’t necessarily means that you have to fill that area with everything maroon. Just pick one or two large item that will draw all the attention. It can be a sofa, or a rug, or maybe the wall.

Warm Maroon Sofa

cozy maroon living room

Bring the rich maroon color to your living room by having this set of maroon sofa. The color has enough wine tone, that match perfectly with the natural wood color on the floor as well as the blank white wall.

Maroon Loveseat

maroon living room with loveseat

Wanting something private? Then this love seat can be a good idea. It works well with or without the rug, as the wooden floor panel is already patterned and have dark varnish instead of its natural color.

Simple and Subtle

maroon living room for small apartments

You might almost not notice the maroon tone in this living room. Thanks to the yellow light from the lamp, the maroon wall is more toned down into mauve brown, while the maroon upholstery is more pronounced.

Gallery for Maroon Living Room Decoration Ideas

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