Fascinating Modern House by Charged Voids – Punjab, India

India is a land filled with rich and long withstanding culture. Despite being part of British Commonwealth before their independence, their history dated long way back. With Hindu heritage mixed with Islam and British influence, calling Indian culture as attractive is an understatement.

It sure is interesting to see more modern architecture in an Indian landscape. How many traditional values will be applied or will it be total revolutionary. This house in Punjab is one of the recent houses with modern design.

indian modern house front view

The house is still unoccupied for the time being. But from the outlook, the modern facade shouldn’t put away any buyer as it has many open spaces that can be styled to fit the new owner’s preference. It also has a small pond and wide front yard.

indian modern house patio

Glossy marble floor in wood pattern, accompanied by wood panel for the ceiling, both are leading to the same direction gives the house a more elongated look. Having two similar pattern on same direction can make your room appears bigger.

indian modern house glass door garden

Anyhow, the real perk is the indoor garden. It’s a real contrast. The garden is enclosed with glass walls and paved. Charged Voids did a great job on combining the texture and colors on the interior.


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