How To Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

Every room of a house has a role; if somewhat minor, to play in the degradation of the environment whether it is a living room, bathroom, bedroom or garden. A kitchen is one of those places where quite a lot of energy is used, and quite a lot of waste is generated. Both of these things are quite harmful for our natural environment, so steps should be taken to make your kitchen eco-friendly so as to conserve energy and play a part to save the planet simultaneously.

eco-friendly kitchen design with lovely lime green countertop

  1. Start from the bottom: This is the best way to create a green kitchen if you’re thinking of renovating or rebuilding it. You can use bamboo as flooring material since it is cheap, eco-friendly, as well as renewable! Moving up a bit, you can also use it for your cabinets and drawers since bamboo creates a soft, warm effect. On the other hand, look for flooring material or cabinetry made out of recycled timber if you’re a fan of the environment but not of bamboo.
  2. rustic eco-friendly kitchen designAdapt to new habits: You might be in the habit of using your machines to perform every task, and machines need energy to work, mostly electrical energy. If you beat your eggs or dough with an electrical beater, you might want to do so with a non-electrical thing. Instead of roasting every single thing in the oven, boil them whenever you can. If you use the oven, make sure you do not use it for just one little thing – roast or bake things together! Instead of using an oven, make use of a microwave if possible because it consumes half as much energy as an average-sized oven does. Moreover, eating salads or gourmet sandwiches will also help you save energy as they do not require any heat to become suitable for eating. Try not to keep the refrigerator door open for long, as it lets the cold air out, which in turn forces the compressor and thermostat to turn on to lower down the temperature again.
  3. Work to upgrade: It has been noticed that obsolete electrical appliances used quite a lot of energy, acting as a burden on both your budget and the environment. With so many solutions that provide efficiency for energy, you should go for something contemporary, as appliances that are making use of modern technology tend to save energy. Another factor you should consider is to see how long your new appliance will last, because if it lasts long, it won’t have to be thrown out too soon, which means less manufacturing, and of course, less waste. Moreover, an eco-friendly kitchen should have dining room sets made up of wood. Avoid placing metal furniture in your kitchen as this material is not recyclable and also is not heat friendly.
  4. Wash your dishes efficiently: Modern dishwashers make use of half the amount of water used while washing dishes with hand, or you can use the economy mode of your dishwasher as it will use less electricity and less water. Alternatively, if you have two sinks, fill one with clean water and the other with soapy water, and transfer every washed dish from soapy to clean water. However, this method can be applied only when there are fewer dishes.
  5. Recycle: To make your kitchen eco-friendly, instead of plastic and paper bags, shift to reusable canvas bags. Keep a few different recycling bins for paper products, metallic products, plastic products, organic products, etc. Whenever you get a chance, drop those things off to a recycling factory so they may be reused, or you can recycle and reuse them on your own too if you can think up of something to make out of them.

Taking care of your environment means taking care of yourself because you’re dependent on it for survival. Stay green, stay healthy.

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