Edgy Adult Loft Beds with Desk Design Ideas

Adult loft beds with desk are needed especially by college students who live in a dorm. When you are living in a college dorm you will get a room which is not too spacious. Plus, you have to share the room with your roommate. That is why you need this kind of bed to save more space. This kind of bed can be used as a bed on the top and on under the bed, there will be space completed with desk and shelf where you can keep all your books and study. Below are some tips in choosing adult loft beds with desk.

contemporary adult loft beds with desk with sofa bed

Always pick the loft beds with safety rails even thought you are adult already. Safety rails are important to keep you from falling down when you sleep on the bed. The safety rails can also be modified into small shelf where you can put your phone charger so when you are already on your bed and your phone is low you do not need to come down to grab the charger.

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Pick a strong wood as the material of the bed. Choose string woods such as teak, cherry wood, and pine wood so that the bed will be more durable. Do not forget to furnish the bed with waterproof coating and refurnish it every year to maintain its durability.

industrial minimalist adult loft beds with desk

Choose the adult loft beds with desk with the feature that allow the desk to be pushed aside so when you do not feel like study, the desk can be removed and the place under the bed can be used to hang out with your friends.

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