17 Space-Wise Murphy Bed Units

Murphy bed can save your space by lot. It may not seem much at first, but when you think of it. Since you can fold the bed into the cupboard, you could do many things else in that space. And, you also can control the urge to have a lot of things and end up cluttering your room.

Murphy beds are no longer have to look like some old furniture from a couple decades ago. Now they come in many colors, and not always attached to a cupboard with cabinets.

Orange  Murphy Bed

murphy bed unit in orange

Bright and vibrant colors weren’t used to define Murphy bed, until now. It gives the refreshing effect and youthfulness to the room.

Compact Murphy Bed

compact murphy bed unit

First there were side fold Murphy bed, now it’s more compact with less height. It sure suits people who prefer to have more compact and platformed look.

Murphy Bed for Home Office

hidden murphy bed unit in a home office

Maybe you have think about it. Having a Murphy bed unit in your home office. Just go for it. Like in this picture. When you’re not using the Murphy bed, it acts as a desk to help you with your work, and if you’re tired after working so hard, just pull it down and sleep. Easy.

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