20 Fresh and Natural Pool Deck Stone Inspirations

You aren’t going to swim in a pond or lake. You are going to swim in your own pool. But it will look like a lake if you don’t install pool deck stone around it. Stone pool deck gives you many benefits. Stone is strong and can stand any weather. It is quite easy to be maintained. It also looks beautiful too.

elegant pool deck stone

You have to know that nowadays, there are various natural stones used for pool deck. The most popular one is the sandstone. It will create a uniform look toward the pool deck. This is because the sandstone is available in similar grey color and texture. For quite varying look, you can opt for limestone. The limestone has warm colors, such as brown, gray, blue, and tan. It is very easy to be cut, thus making it another good choice for the pool deck.

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Another pool deck stone option is slate. This stone should be chosen if you want to create a lively pool. If you want a very natural feel toward the pool, you have to choose the flagstone. It has the earth color. It is also anti-slip. Thus, it is very perfect for decorating the pool.

bright colored brick paved pool deck stone

Meanwhile, for luxurious pool, you have to use the travertine stone. It is able to absorb water in short time and stand any weather. For tidy, beautiful, and elegant look, opt for granite.

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