19 Delightful Lime Green Accent Walls to Rejoice Your Home

Accent wall is usually applied to create an impression of bold and different in a room, such as bedroom, family room, living room, and so forth. Accent on the wall is also very suitable to be applied on the room with quite extensive size. It will make the room does not feel empty and a bit creepy.lime green accent walls for home office

For example, lime green accent walls are suitable to be applied in the room which is need cheerful atmosphere such as living room and family room. Lime green color can be combined with broken white, pale green, light gray and something like that.

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Combining fresh-impression colors and something smooth will make an effect such as calm and relaxing. But if the room is supposed to make the occupants happy and cheerful, so combine the lime green accent walls with something contrast. You can start from yellow and the gradation steps to red.lime green accent walls for contemporary kitchen

This color is not recommended for the bedroom, unless it is combined with pale white and yellowish lighting. The collaboration will make the room feel romantic and warmer. Accent walls are strongly recommended for a spacious room and it does not fill with too much stuff. In addition, the accent on the wall will give a unique impression of a room.

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