17 Contemporary Garage Designs for Modern Houses

Contemporary garage is huge on demand right now. Doesn’t matter if your house is a modern one or not. Somehow, there’s always a way to attach a modern garage.

And we’re not talking about the inside, but the look from the outside. Some contemporary garages are easy to spot with their clean and box like shape, but some others are hiding more classic facade.

Attached to the House

contemporary garage wood tone

Here’s a simple application. Instead of incorporating the garage into the house, the owner put the garage outside and attached to the house. This way, the garage is easier to access and can accommodate more vehicles. The owner is also free to expand it.

Semi Underground

contemporary garage underneath main building

Calling it underground is an exaggeration. But this contemporary garage is located underneath the house entrance. The garage space is obviously limited, but it’s cool enough to own. If you notice closely, the owner actually just raise the entrance a couple steps and build an attached garage right in front of their house.


contemporary garage side road

Living in the suburban area like this can leave us with minimum choices. It’s either to have a simple carport, or building a garage like this. Since the garage is directly facing the street, it also works as an entrance, or rear entrance, depending on your preference.

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Gallery for Contemporary Garage Designs

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