18 Simple Small Rock Garden Designs

When it comes to landscaping, rock garden is popular lately. Well, it’s cheap, low maintenance, and still have the classy look like old fashioned garden. The use of stone in landscaping is varied, from setting the area, bordering, and even as the main point like in a Zen garden.

Anyhow, when you have no to little time to work on your garden, but you still want one. You may want to take a look on some small rock garden designs. Just as the name suggested, the garden’s main feature is the rocks. The flowers are there to support the rock. So it requires minimum maintenance until you have more time to spend. Another tip, start small.

In A Bowl

small rock garden designs in a bowl

Using a short and low pot that looks like a bowl can be a good idea for your small rock garden. Very low maintenance, and if you’re still unsure. You can get a smaller size for and keep your rock garden indoor.

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Using a Wooden Box

small rock garden designs with wooden box

You want to look more rustic and dislike the pot. Okay, how about a wooden box like this? Looking rustic and pretty.

Outdoor and Under the Stairs

small rock garden designs on the corner

For you who barely have any space both indoor and outdoor. You can try this idea. Using the small available space under the patio staircase.

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Gallery for Small Rock Garden Designs

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