Hostal Ritoque, Chile by Alejandro Soffia

Building something on limited budget requires the architect a certain tact and tricks ready. And that was what faced by Alejandro Soffia and Gabriel Rudolphy when they were asked to build Hostal Ritoque on Chile’s seaside.

With that in mind, they need to figure out how to fit the limited budget to create an astonishing hotel. Even though it’s a small hotel. But a hotel is still a hotel, right?

Hostal Ritoque Chile at noon

Hostal Ritoque is a small hotel, consists of five separate buildings. One communal building, one for the owner, and the other three as the guesthouses.

Hostal Ritoque Chile balcony

The Chilean architect pair used the natural pine woods that grow on the surrounding area as a way to minimize the budget. They contacted local suppliers and try to find material with low transportation cost. The result. A sustaining and low cost hotel.

Hostal Ritoque Chile at night

The buildings are box shaped and raised on logs to deal with the uneven terrain below. Each guesthouse is a two stories, with double bedroom on the second floor and another bedroom below. Each building have stairs that leading the guests to the beach.

Hostal Ritoque Chile elevated partition

Each buildings are directly facing the sea. And with the communal building in the middle, the owner and guests can interact there. Creating more relaxed and warm ambiance


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