20 Modern Garage Designs and Inspiration Ideas

Garage is sometimes being taken for granted. It is not well planned and well decorated. The homeowners will rather to focus on decorating bedroom and living room then the garage. However, garage is still an important part of the house. Beside of keeping your vehicles safe, it can also be used to store many things. Below are some modern garage designs and inspiration.spacious modern garage designs and inspiration

If you have a lot of collections of cars, then aquarium styled garage can be your choice. In this design, the garage will be well decorated and has a lot of source of light. Then, the entrance of the garage is made of strong glass. So, people from outside your house will be able to see your collection.

Remember to take safety as your number one priority. You have to make sure that your garage is completed will security system such as burglar alarm and strong bulletproof glass that cannot be broken down on the entrance.modern garage designs and inspiration in beige

If you do not like that idea, you can take the vintage garage design. The garage will be decorated with a lot of colors just like the vintage style of the 80’s. On the wall of the garage, put a lot of framed pictures or posters so that it will make the garage looks stylish.

Gallery for Modern Garage Designs and Inspiration Ideas

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