19 Charming Sheer Curtain Privacy Designs That Keep You from Preying Eyes

Having sheer curtain is a good idea if you value your privacy more. The combination between sheer and opaque curtain can be really lovely to look at. But even so, you can have the sheer curtain on its own, a now they comes in many colors and patterns.

You can have sheer curtain in your living room, bedroom, and even the kitchen! Having a few curtains can come in handy, as you might want to do some mix and match between them. Just remember that at the very least, the color should do well with the wall.

Sheer Olive Green

sheer curtains privacy in brown

Olive green is one of the famous color for a retro look. So yes, you can use this curtain to pose a retro look. But more than that, it works really well for a side window and you can save some money from buying opaque curtain.

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Flower Power

sheer curtains privacy with orange and red pattern

A sheer orange curtain with heavy flower pattern all around. Looks lovely from the inside, and the pattern could block any prying eye if they want to steal a glance from the outside.

Sheer Curtain Panel

sheer curtains privacy panel

It may not look much, but even sheer white curtain could block the sunlight from going through. This panel idea is applicable for the sitting room and bedroom. You can even go wild with the colors, especially for your own bedroom.

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