Semi Outdoor And Open Cafe Birgitta Helsinki, Finland

Cafe Birgitta is a top of the head idea, when the Helsinki city committee think about what to do with the Phyta Birgitta Park. The main concept is to have an open park that everyone can enjoy, at least that’s what Talli Architecture and Design has done.

Given the limited space, and unique placement. So many ideas come to mind before finally settling down on an open cafe concept. They need to make this park accessible to all directions and give the visitors the best view in 360 degrees.Cafe Birgitta full view

Coming with the concept of three squares that connected like a propeller. This cafe offers a very large open space area. With no actual front or back door. And no matter which spot you love to go, you’ll be spoiled with the picturesque view of the sea.

Cafe Birgitta outdoor

The building complex is connected with one large glassed area that also works as partitions to separate each block based on their functions. There are the kitchen block, maintenance and toilet block, and the lounge where they have a fireplace to heat up at night.

Cafe Birgitta entrance

Even though being out in the open, the structure covers the area from the wind, and if necessary, they can close the glass doors and create a closed space.


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