17 Fun Looking Tree House on Stilts Ideas

Building a tree house can be a great weekend activity for parents and child. Not just the quality time spent, but the result will be remembered for years to come. Anyhow, not all parents are great on woodwork. But that shouldn’t be an issue. Because nowadays, you can get a prefab tree house that you can work on based on instructions written.

A tree house doesn’t necessarily have to be built up on a tree. You can also built it on stilts. Using stilts give you the advantage of controlling how tall the tree house will be. You can also add swings and slide to the tree house later on.

Basic Tree House on Stilts

treehouse on stilts with slide and swing

Very rustic, very simple, and the embodiment of the word basic. However, the slide and swings make it looks more fun. And the sandbox underneath the tree house is really space savvy idea.

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Contemporary Tree House

contemporary treehouse on stilts

Of course this isn’t the result of a parents and child activity, unless they’re an adult. But anyhow, this tree house is really great and modern. And can be a great cabin for the holiday.

Small and Suburban

small contemporary treehouse on stilts

When space is your issue. Then you can try this tree house. It’s short and small, and built in an equally small backyard.

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