17 Unique Wall Panels For A Dab on Artistic Touch

Having a plain wall is boring. Admit it. You can use painting or other wall decorations to make it look better. But it won’t be the same with if you use a wall panel. Don’t be discouraged by thinking that a wall panel mean you have to cover the whole wall. It’s all up to you, really. You can fill your wall with wall panel, or you only have some part of it, to work it out as an accent. Each comes with different personality.

There’s no restriction on where you can have your wall panel. Bedroom, bathroom, living room. All works just fine. Some wall panels even work as a partition, as you can see below.

Textured Oakwood

unique wall panels oakwood panel

You don’t have to covered your wall in panel just like this image shows. Less is more works well here.

Fish Scales or Cloud?

colorful fish scales unique wall panels

A personal favorite. I find it awesome if people have different ideas on what they see. The textured scale-like design in black, blue, grey and white make you think of clouds. Though I have no doubt some people will insist that it’s a fish scale.

Wall Panel Partition

unique wall panels for partition

Using wall panel as partition isn’t unheard of before. But just like the partitions used, each room have their own unique ambiance. One with birds panel is more contemporary while the one behind it is more rustic and artsy.

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Gallery for Unique Wall Panels

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