18 Beautiful Different Ceiling Ideas That Fit Any Interiors

Different ceiling or dropped ceiling is a type of ceiling that consist of two layers. With one layer hidden underneath, for the light fixtures, smoke detector, and many other, before close that layer with the second one. There are many ways to decorate a different ceiling. You can use texture on the outside, or having a drop in or drop out feature. Pushing one layer to the other way.

People loves different ceiling because not only it’s versatile, but it’s also cheap in terms of installment and maintenance. You just need to pull a panel out to fix whatever need fixing.

Luxurious Different Ceiling

Different Ceiling Designs for small apartment

You can fit different ceiling for two rooms at once, so it’ll give the impression of being bigger and longer. If you have small house or apartment, in which you’re at liberty to work with the ceiling then you might like this one.

Textured Different Ceiling

Different Ceiling Designs with floating texture

A case of drop out ceiling. The texture may only serve the aesthetic purpose. But you can also install lighting fixture there. Be creative with what you have.

Modern Different Ceiling

modern Different Ceiling Designs for bedroom

Maybe you have noticed this type of ceiling when you go to the malls or to some meeting hall. Different ceiling gives the best acoustic and its design mean the speakers are hidden. For this room, the square panels give different image in contrast with the installed bulbs.

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Gallery for Different Ceiling Ideas

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