19 Homely Exposed Beam Ceiling Rustic Interior Ideas

Two ways to have an exposed beam ceiling style, either by actually have one. Or have a drop ceiling then create a faux exposed beams. It’s all based on personal preferences, really. Well, another thing to remember, having an exposed beam style means that you have nothing to hide. Unless you go for the faux one.

Anyhow, nobody can deny that having an exposed beam gives your room more rustic touch. Works best if you already have a rustic style going on. But if you haven’t, it’s still okay. Exposed beam can look modern too.

Squared Exposed Beams

squared exposed beam ceiling

Yes, it’s a drop ceiling with fake exposed beams. You should have noticed it right away from the short distance between the floor and the ceiling, as what mostly happen if you use a faux exposed beam style. But still, this ceiling is really pretty.

Contemporary Faux Exposed Beam

contemporary faux exposed beam ceiling

Much more modern approach on the fake exposed beams. Creating the impression as if half the house is done and the other half isn’t.

That Goes Both Ways

exposed beam ceiling for indoor and outdoor

If you want to keep your cost low, you can copy this idea. Having exposed beams for both indoor and outdoor area. It makes the ceiling looks like one big space that mirroring the floor.

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Gallery for Exposed Beam Ceiling Ideas

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