18 High End Slipcovers Designs to Spruce Up Your Room

Slipcover is something more than just “clothes” for your sofa and chairs. It’s also to protect your original upholstery, or enhance their beauty. Depends on the style you prefer to go with. Some slipcovers mean you cover your whole sofa, while some others just cover the middle, and work more like a themed accent.

Doing the slipcovers on your own, can be really annoying and a daunting task. You’d need to have more than decent sewing skill cause putting a slipcover on is harder than doing your bedding. However, you can buy already made slipcovers or ask someone to put on slipcover, but the latter is the solution is you want a fixed one.

Elegant Red Fringe

elegant red high end slipcover

To some of you, this might look more like a retro, a hand-me-down luxurious sofa from our parent’s time. But actually, the fringe added a class and extra personality to this sofa.

Bright Rainbow

high end slipcover in rainbow color

Okay, you can cheat on this one by using an old curtain or bed sheet with similar design. But for better result, go get a proper slipcover.

Classy Classic

high end slipcover in silk

It looks very classy, with skirt that reached to the floor. It’s in tan, so you don’t have to worry about color combination as it works with almost all colors.

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