19 Inspiring Long Living Room Ideas for Modern Homes

Small room is not always bad. With the right decoration, it can also be attractive. Maybe there are challenges on the decoration, but it can be made by placing the furniture well and select the right color. With the visual illusion, the narrow and long space can be changed into the larger room.contemporary long living room ideas with unique seating

There are tons of long living room ideas out there. All of them are coming with the specific impression and adopt the specific concept. But for the small house, you can combine 2 rooms into a single room. You can see the good example for this concept in a modern Miami home design. In here, the modern living room designed next to the dining room.

Austin Serene is the other example for the contemporary living room decoration. It adopts the white color to the wall to make it looks more spacious. It is also using elongated cornet seat to optimize the use of the available space.contemporary minimalist long living room ideas in monochrome with red chair accent

For something more elegant and classy, there is Belvedere’s Apartment. This design uses a single row sofa and the long table. The color composition is also pretty good. With the white color and the dark color, it creates the classy environment. This is why it can be one of the attractive long living room ideas.

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Gallery for Long Living Room Ideas

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