18 Elegant Retro Modern Decor Styles for Interior

It’s retro but also modern, or is it modern but also retro? Either way, these two styles are not that disconnected. They work well hand in hand. Trust me. You can have a retro room with some modern furniture here and there, and they will look superb.

Both retro and modern use sophisticated lines in their furniture. Something futuristic that works well both ways. Just remember not to overdo or think that by having half retro half modern furniture you’ll do fine. Wrong. Balance doesn’t always mean in half.

Twin Suns

bright retro modern decor

The room itself is in modern style. Look at the modern coffee table, white couch, and the small table lamp. But the two suns wall decoration add a retro touch for this room. And this is what I mean with balance.

Retro Polka dot

retro modern decor with polkadot sofa

The red polka dot sofa makes all the difference. The room looks pretty normal and modern with its white furniture and rainbow colored rug. But the polka dot sofa is a really smart touch.

Redefine Retro Modern

retro modern decor with L shaped sofa

Some people have this innane ability to mix two things well. And this is the perfect example. The designer managed to redefine the whole retro modern area. He took the retro style and make it look modern.

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Gallery for Retro Modern Decor Styles

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