A Modern And Compact Housing Unit by JMY Architects, Seoul

Living space have been a problem in the urban area. Especially around a metropolitan or even a cosmopolitan city. Getting a space is already an issue, and then comes the matter of renovating. With the growing city, sure there are more limitations related to public welfare.

This house in Seoul is one of the great examples on how to deal with the city limits while managing to have an ample space for a small family, complete with a small garden. Designed by JMY Architects, this compact housing unit managed to get our attention.

172M2 Compact House entrance

The architect moved the entrance a bit and created a more road available approach. Even though this is the main entrance, for the actual building this is the back of the house.

172M2 Compact House sitting room

They build a new wall with slits to protect the privacy of the homeowners. So even though the whole living room and dining area has glass walls. They don’t need to be afraid that the neighbors will pry.

172M2 Compact House second floor

To accommodate the initial wish. They also build a second floor and half third floor to maximize the space available. All floor have the wide and plush access to sunlight. It’s hard to believe that this beautiful modern house only takes at 172 square meter. As it also managed to have a small courtyard.


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