18 Contemporary Mobile Homes That Are Literally Handy

Mobile homes is how we used to call trailers. A small living space enough for one or two people, that also light enough to be carried by a small truck. But nowadays, trailer is one thing and mobile home counts for another. The design is also widely improved as the houses have raised their own status to semi-permanent building and not just a traveling space.

A contemporary mobile home doesn’t have to be futuristic looking. But it’s light enough and easy to build. Some people called this a modular house because it’s pre-made and similar one another so it’s all depends on the owner if they want to modify their house.

Simple with Small Porch

contemporary mobile homes with small porch

Simple and small mobile homes. As you can see it’s not really fitted to the ground. This is the modification on common trailer truck. Most of this houses only enough for one small bedroom with bathroom and a kitchenette. Pretty much like a small apartment.

In The Woods

contemporary mobile homes in the wood

This time you can see that it has an outdoor kitchen. It’s located in the middle of the woods. Combining wood and large glasses for the wall. It’s perfect for a summer getaway.

Sleek Rounded Corner

oval shaped contemporary mobile homes

As you can see, one small shower closet, bedroom, and a dining area that also works as a living room. Anyhow, despite the compact size. More unique points are on the rounded corner. Making this mobile homes looks from the far future.

Gallery for Contemporary Mobile Homes

  1. I really like the look of these contemporary mobile homes. I have decided to buy a mobile home or container home
    for my retirement years. I need to know the prices of these or see a catalog with prices. Are these mobile home rebuilds and interior redesigned, or are they new custom made designed? What company creates/sells them? Do they operate in Southern California? How can I make contact? I have lots of questions.

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