17 Contemporary Indoor Lap Pool Designs Ideas

Lap pool is one of the most popular pool shape. It ranges from a very long pool, that stretched along with your house, especially if you put it in your side yard, to a short one that enough for one short lap.

Designing a lap pool isn’t hard at all. You can go with all minimalist or rustic theme, having it fully enclosed and hidden in your basement. Or you can also go bold and have your lap pool surrounded by glass ceiling and walls.

Luxurious roof top

gorgeous indoor lap pool

A great example on being luxurious and not sparing any penny. The view itself is already beautiful. Straight to the sea. The pool itself may not that big. But the placement is perfect.

Minimalist Urban Rooftop Indoor Pool

indoor lap pool on roof level

Another indoor lap pool on rooftop. This time with city view. While it may doesn’t have the glass ceiling like the previous picture. But obviously this one is bigger and the city view is at complete 180 degrees.

Small Indoor Pool with Home Gym

home gym indoor lap pool

Maybe you just turned your garage to a home gym. Then it’s okay for you to include a small lap pool inside. It will make your personal home gym is as good as the professional ones.

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Gallery for Indoor Lap Pool Designs

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