17 Minimalist Desk Bed Combo Designs for Students

Desk bed doesn’t always have to be a Murphy bed or a bunk beds with desk attached or underneath it. There are many ways to have something worth the title a desk bed combo.

Just like the name, everything that combine the function of a desk and bed counts as a desk bed. Most people have this combo to compensate their lack of space. But it’s not rare to see someone use this as a creative outlet. Whichever you choose, just remember that this combo is a way to save space.

Desk Bed Combo in Work Room

Desk bed combo with swings

On the outset, it looks like a regular single bed. But underneath is a panel that works as a table. Pretty much like a trundle idea. This combo will suits artists or teenagers with a lot of friends who often stay over to work on a project together.

Minimalist Contemporary Combo

minimalist modern Desk bed combo

Minimalist and modern. I bet many fresh graduates who lives in shoebox apartment would love to have this bed and desk combo.

Works Well on Limited Spaces

Desk bed combo for limited space

These days, people run their business from home. Sometimes they don’t even leave their bedroom to get their work done. And this may represent their current bedroom. A simple Murphy bed with desk and cabinet attached where they put TV and computer on.

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Gallery for Desk Bed Combo Designs

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