17 Tuscan Living Room Decor Ideas Classic Interior Design

Having a touch of Tuscan in your living room doesn’t mean you have to invest heavily on the earth tones. The main idea is to have the warm and relaxed ambiance. It’s a classic, but nobody said that you shouldn’t or cannot combine a classic with more modern touch.

The key elements for having a Tuscan ambiance are mostly the play on color and texture. Marble and woods are most commonly used. But you can also have a play on the iron works items, like iron and wood table, or some candle stands for decoration.

Marble Floor and Wood Ceiling

Tuscan living room decor semi outdoor

Classic Tuscan colors. Gold and champagne marble for the floor and dark varnished wood for the ceiling. Looking very rich and plush, but also warm and inviting.

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Low Ceiling

Tuscan living room decor with white fireplace

So what if you bought a house with low ceiling but you want a Tuscan style living room? You can do that with the iron coffee table that matched with the small table on the window side.

Yellow is the new gold

Tuscan living room decor for small rooms

Not exactly the old plastered wall color. But yellow gives off a fresh nuance, in oppose of the rustic terracotta wall. The iron pattern around the small fireplace is a very lovely touch.

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