Simple but Attractive Bookshelves Decoration in Dining Room

Dining room wall shouldn’t be left empty. It has to be as attractive as possible. Thus, your meals will be more enjoyable. One of its methods is putting a bookshelf in the dining room. Indeed, it can be a great décor. It is a good way to store the books too.

whole wall bookshelves in dining room

The first idea for bookshelves decoration in dining room is putting large bookshelf at one side of the dining room walls. You can fill it with many books. Arrange it based on the color of the books. Vary the color from one shelf to another. It will make the bookshelf looks colorful. Choose a white bookshelf to do this.

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The next idea is installing hanging bookshelf. Choose for the one with various sizes of box. Then, put your books in several boxes. Leave the other boxes to be filled by a vase with flowers, a frame of photograph, and a sculpture.

bookshelves in dining room in white and cerulean dining chairs

Bookshelves decoration in dining room can be done with the help of your china. Put a floor bookshelf in your dining room. Then, decorate the back of the bookshelf with wallpaper. Select dark wallpaper with small motives if your china has bright colors. Put the books and china in zigzag pattern. You can also put the china next to the books. Arrange two or three china plate with different sizes together. Put a vase with bright flowers there. It will make the bookshelf more attractive.

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Gallery for Bookshelves Decoration in Dining Room

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