17 Cozy Daybed Images Nice Inspirations and Ideas

Back then, daybed is popular for baby’s room or a nursery. So the mother can have a moment of peace before the baby called her again. Nowadays, daybed has become a popular option for the sitting room, porch, and outdoor garden.

It’s comfortable, comes in various sizes, and allow you to be creative about it. You can build it from scratch and be visibly proud of it. Another plus side is, you can put a storage place or a trundle combined with your daybed. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity.

Onion Shaped for Outdoor

onion shaped outdoor daybed images

This is both unique and cute. Now, it’s not like it will look bad indoor. But you need to be extra cautious not to misplaced it or it will look totally out of place. Hence, putting it outside in a garden or a seaside will be a much better choice.

Lovely and Classy

classy daybed images

The rattan storage baskets suits the classic and rustic look from the daybed. Grey lined rug and retro pattern for the upholstery brighten the room.

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Daybed with Trundle

daybed images in sleek piano black

Having a daybed with trundle attached can be a solution if you have a lot of family who likes to come over once in a while. So now you won’t have to worry about not having a guest room to accommodate them.

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