17 Hot Red Bedroom Wall Ideas To Spice Up Your Life

Red often considered as representation of fire. Something burning brightly. If you dare to have the color red dominates your bedroom, especially your wall. It shows that you’re a bold and daring person. Aside of being awesomely sexy, of course.

Not many people consider red for their bedroom wall. Because they think that red won’t calm them down, unlike green and blue. However, having a red bedroom for kids may encourage them to be more active.

Striped Red

vertical striped red bedroom walls

Using a gradation for wallpaper is a very clever idea. It still based on red, but you don’t need to think about other shades as the wallpaper have encompass them all.

Use Colorful Bedding

red bedroom walls with colorful bedding

You don’t have to insist on having black, white, and more red for your furniture just because of your red wall. Depends on which shade of red that you have for wall, you can use any color in the palette for your furniture and bedding.

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Luxury in Red

luxurious red bedroom walls with canopy bed

Red wall, red rug, white canopy bed, and dark furniture. Sounds simple but this combination is totally owning it. While each item is important, the red wall itself gave the statement of being bold. You can replace the bed or the furniture for a darker and more modern look. And the room will still look luxurious.

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