17 Modern Asian Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Asian bedroom might be an overused theme to some people. But that’s because they haven’t explore more on the Asian theme. They simply deduce on Japanese and Chinese furniture, adding some wall panels, and done.

While in fact, there are millions other ways to do that. You can use a room separator for wall panel or headboard. Use a painting for your bedding pattern. Don’t let yourself stuck in simple minded ideas.

Modern Asian with Sun Wall Decor

Asian bedroom with headboard panel

The minimalist furniture itself could have speak Asian, but the textured wall and the wall decor strengthen that image. Did you know that the Japanese refer to their Emperor as their Sun?

Classic Vintage Furniture

Asian bedroom with separator as wall panel

Wall panel, check. Chinese ladies in statuettes, check. Those two may look simple. But adding them to your bedroom can make it look more in tune with Asian theme. The treasure box itself is full with Batik patterns, another Asian thing. Just remember that overloading your room with everything Asian will only make you look like a hoarder.

Plush But Simple

Plush Asian bedroom

Yes, you can use a single item like a bedding set to make your room look Asian. This room is not quite big and only have a queen sized bed and night stand. Therefore the Asian bedding set as an accent. Else, it’ll look plain and boring.

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