18 Amazing Homes with Indoor Pool Modern Architecture Ideas

Having an indoor pool can be a sign of status. To show off that one is wealthy enough. Especially if the pool have temperature control system. The owner can take a swim whenever they want. Even if it’s blazing cold outside.

An indoor pool doesn’t have to be in the basement. Or whether your house have a large space. Just like the normal outdoor pool. There are ways to trick out the indoor pool to suit your need and available space.

Above Ground Indoor Pool

homes with indoor pools above ground

An above ground pool for the indoor ones is almost unheard of. But it doesn’t mean nobody likes it. This picture shows how an above ground pool can look sophisticated and modern in a no nonsense way when being installed indoor.

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The One in Between

homes with indoor pools between sitting rooms

Since it’s inside the house, technically it counts as an indoor pool. However, as you can see. It has no roof above to protect you from the rain or other weather condition. But it’s still a fun idea. To have lots of friends and family hanging out inside the house and also enjoying the sun at the pool at the same time.

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Au Naturale

homes with indoor pools outlooking the forest

Looking at the greenery while dipping your feet in the pool can be really relaxing. And that’s what this indoor pool managed to give.

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Gallery for Homes with Indoor Pool

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