18 Desk and Bed Combination Ideas for Teenagers’ Rooms

No, the term desk and bed combination isn’t specifically refer to bunk beds or Murphy beds. They would be the easiest interpretation. But it’s not their exclusive terms.

You can have a desk and bed combination even though they’re not attached together or have a dual function. Let’s say you only have a small room, but you don’t want either Murphy or bunk beds. And you also don’t want the desk to be attached to your bed. In that case, you can have a desk that made from the same material with your bed frame. Or have the same color scheme to show the combination.

For Narrow Rooms

desk and bed combination for narrow room

Sometimes you have a room that so narrow and you can’t put either a bunk bed or even a Murphy bed there. But that’s obviously not a big deal. Since you can make a U-shaped design like this to maximize your corner.

Homemade Bunk Beds and Desk

desk and bed combination in pink and brown

It’s not the color combination that really awe us, but how simple it looks. Clean, neat and simple. There’s a trundle for storage under the bed and the desk is attached on the side. Just enough room to do some homework.

Another Narrow Room

desk and bed combination for small rooms

Another idea is to connect the desk with either the head of the bed or bottom. It will work either way.

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