17 Minimalist Modern Bunk Bed Designs

Bunk beds come and go. People love them since it saves space. Most families with children about the same age prefer this instead of building rooms for each of their kids. It’s also popular for dorm rooms and small bed and breakfasts.

Thing is, bunk beds tend to have very similar design one after another. And even though functionality is important. Nowadays, being stylish and functional at the same time have become the key point of each furniture item.

Rustic Two Tone

unique Modern Bunkbed

A very modern design. Combining two basic wooden colors for each bed. The lines are sleek and clean. Nothing visibly fancy, but obviously this bed will attract forward minded people.

Industrial for a nook

Modern Bunkbed in nook

This steel framed bunk bed  is lightweight, sleek, and of course, won’t hurt your pocket too much. Plus side, just like old fashioned bunk beds, you can have a custom made aside of the already made ones.

National Geographic

Modern Bunkbed in Retro colors

Seriously, that’s what we’re thinking as well. The logo might have been from many decades ago. But to apply it to a bed like this. It’s something new and never seen before. It’s a platformed but the whole thick and large image is slimmed down by the clever use of grey stairs.

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